Our Treadmill Desk Products


Officewalker treadmill
GBP: (£799:-)

Walking area: 122 x 46 cm
Walking surface height: 13 cm
Max userweight: 120kg
Speed: 1-8km/h
Usage/day: 5 hours
External dimensions: 147 x 61 cm
Shipping: £79 GBP


Waldesk Treadmill
GBP: (£899:-)

Walking area: 148 x 51 cm
Walking surface height: 20 cm
Max userweight: 150kg
Speed: 0.8-6km/h
Useage/day: 8 hours
External dimensions: 195 x 71 cm
Shipping: £129 GBP


Walking area: 128 x 51 cm
Walking surface height: 13 cm
Max userweight: 150kg
Speed: 0.8-6km/h
Useage/day: 8 hours
External dimensions: 175 x 71 cm
Dimensions desktop: 80 x 120
Shipping: £129 GBP

3 common reasons to invest in a Treadmill Desk.

Live longer!

Sitting less reduce the risk of getting several problems for your health. Such as heart & vascular diseases, cancer & diabetes to name some.

An Australian study on more than 220 000 grown up Australians showed that a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of dying prematurly by up to 40% (the difference between less than 3 hours/sitting per day, compared to more than 8 hours of sitting per day. )

Lose weight!

By walking during the time you would otherwise be sitting you can increase your metabolism by up to 150 kcal per hour depending on weight, gender and physical conditions.

During one year this can mean a difference in weight by up to 25 kilos / ~55 lbs pounds.

Feel better!

When you’re moving, your brain will get more oxygen and you’ll feel more alert and get more work done.

Those positive effects usually last even after work. Better oxygen uptake,  better circulation and reduced risk for pain in the long run.

Common questions.

What distinguishes our treadmill desks from ordinary treadmills?

At the first glance it can be hard to understand the difference between our treadmills and a common treadmill you can buy from about anywhere.

The biggest difference is not that the free panel that can be moved, instead of the more common construction with a panel that is always in front of the treadmill.

The big difference is the motor that is built to work well on low speeds for long periods of time without overheating.

Ordinary treadmills will overheat and stop working if you use them at low speed a couple of times every week.

If you’re only going to walk for half an hour or so, a couple of days per week an ordinary treadmill will do of course. However if you want to go a few hours each week we recommend that you invest in a treadmill desk.

Which of the two treadmills should I choose?

We offer two different treadmills you can use under a desk.

When you are going to choose between our two products it is three things you should think about.

How many hours per day are you (and colleagues) spend at the treadmill desk each day? We’ve set up recommended times for usage each day. If you do walk extra someday it won’t do anything of course.  The Officewalker Treadmill can be a good solution if you’re just using it yourself (don’t share it with colleagues/family) and don’t think you’ll work more than half of your workday.

The Walkdesk treadmill desk can be good if you’re more than one person that will use it. For example an office with flexible workplaces where people move around and can share the same Treadmill desk. (This will also reduce the cost per user for the Treadmill desk if you share it within the company/family)

Experienced treadmill desk-users can often walk more than 5 or even 10 hours per day, but as a beginner you should not walk for that long.  1 hour per day is more than enough the first 1-3 days. You’ll get to more hours later, just take it easy in the start!

Is it really possible to work on a treadmill desk?

In short, yes! But there are some key points you should think about. Both activites you should avoid doing on your treadmill desk. But also activities that maybe not seem to obvious when you first think of what you can use your treadmill desk for.

Work that is usually done on a treadmill desk is writing texts, browse your mail, and sound & video-calls through the computer or phone.

Tasks that is harder to do while walking could be video and image-editing, intensive gaming and in some cases coding. In other words, tasks that can demand a lot of precision in order to deliver at max.

A not so obvious possibility of the treadmill desk could be having walking-meeting for example. To do this you put 2 or more treadmill desks facing each other, start walking and let the ideas flow!

(Tip: When the weather allows it you could of course try this outside as well)

How much should I walk and at what pace?

How long you choose to walk and in what pace is obviously very individual.

In most cases though, it is smart to start carefully – both when it comes to hours walked and speed.

Start walking at 1-1.5 km/h the first day or so until you feel good writing at your keyboard. Often 1-2 hours per day will do the first time.

If you walk 10 or 20 kilometre right away the first day after unpacking the treadmill desk, there is a risk that you overstrain your body if you’re not used to walking regularly. By overstraining your body the first days, this will reduce the pleasure of the upcoming days and during your first weeks you won’t have walked any further on your treadmill desk then what you would if you would have started more carefully.